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Who We Are

In 2012, CIC Media was founded in Miami, Florida. Since then, we have expanded our offices to the UK and Latin America. We are a global media production firm dedicated to generating content innovation experiences and solutions for legacy media and non-traditional clients.

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Looking For New Content to Energize Your Brand?

If you are interested in our services, we will prepare content solutions tailored for you. Contact us to have a conversation to assess your needs.

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Our Specialties

  • Factual Docuseries

    Enticing premium docuseries for all audiences featuring a wide range of topics such as the power of nature, historic events, transformative engineering advancements, science, art, conspiracy, and crime.

  • Entertainment Formats

    Original formats anchored in reality, the music space, feel-good makeovers, celebrity driven, interactive, multi-platform and uplifting content.

  • Digital Multiplatform Initiatives

    Designed around specific themes, brands or concepts encompassing different forms of exposition such as on-line, OTTs, mobile apps (app), podcast channels, social media, and traditional forms of delivery.

  • Fiction

    Production of innovative, unapologetic and surprising storylines with ingenious and unforgettable characters. Genres ranging from drama, horror, action, conspiracy thrillers to comedy, dramedy and musical dramedy. From short form to show run times of ½ an hour to 1 hour.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Global operation creating and producing content in English and Spanish with local and global relevance.

  • Location, location, location: Key hubs in London, Miami, Mexico City and Caracas.

  • Cost-efficient operation

  • Open innovation system to locate, select and execute amazing media projects.

  • International cross- pollination of creativity among CIC operations.

  • Extraordinary vision creating multi-platform content experiences for any outlet of exposition.

  • Knowledge in multiple genres and combined expertise producing scripted and non-scripted initiatives internationally.

  • Experience working with brands to turn their marketing and communications strategies into media content experiences.

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Are You A Content Creator?

We are looking for the next breakthrough so if you want to submit your original idea click here to contact us

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Our Educational Initiative

The Book

We support InnovationMCC, the initiative led by our founder Marlon Quintero based on his book Innovation for Media Content Creation.

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Who we are